Gault & Millau, 2012

Winery owner Alexander Heer:
For the first time this year we will focus on the small scale operation of Alexander Heer.
The collection is straightforward: At the moment Heer is offering three wines from different vintages. With an easily comprehendible vineyard size of 0.5ha at the moment he is aiming to expand his operation in the coming years and is ambitiously working towards producing wines for the high-price segment. In addition to the promising experiment of savoring a spicy Müller-Thurgau >>sur lie<< we offer two red wines. His 2009 Burgundy (>>…/304<<) shows next to extract density and notes of licorice and ripe berries. His 2008er Pinot Noir (“932 sqm”) smells of eucalyptus and shows a beautiful bloom.

Savoir-Vivre, 2012

Kudos also to another fermented fruit juice from the Rheingau and its creator.
Who was born in Leipzig and earned his merits in Geisenheim:
Alexander M. Heer. The studied “Winemaker” (in the true sense of the word) thought well how to get headlines of the wine print media quickly. And lo and behold, in the wine growing area of the Rheingau Riesling wine he found a small plot planted with thirty year old Muller-Thurgau vines (grapes?). These were fully hand gathered, and aged for 18 months (!) in small oak barrels.
The result: a wine of first provenance that must be savored:
two savoir-vivre-suns – 85 points.