…artisant wine,

after many years of experience in vinification with amphorae, established now a way to understand the open mash fermentation of white wine as a consistent statement for such: A vinification on vivid yeast over several months in an ancient amphora and no additional dosage of sulfur cultivated by weinserien. since 2014, as gustatory expertise for two new wines.

These are the vines which were planted in Hallgarten / Hargadun in 1978 at an altitude of 270 m above sea level. These once dismissed and frowned upon vineyards, show their full potential today. Precisely because of the climatic changes in the Rheingau harvest dates on these height levels are still possible in late October.

Both a Riesling, as well as the autochthonous vine Portugeus azul retrieved after a six months’ residence in the Thasian Kioupia the unsulphurated natural wines find their way into the bottle. Basically: Fermented grape juice as a result.

The movement around the natural wine is not as new as it suggests. In France the experiences with it have thrived and maintained already for decades. For this style in winemaking the highest hygienic conditions in the cellar are mandatory requirements. A niche product that certainly would not be suitable as a mass phenomenon, but may well be considered as a side note among Somm’s.

Vin naturel therefore is probably the most straightforward core statement of a vintage and the microclimate of a viticultural valuable parcel – a flavor addition for the destinguished tongue. Of course, unfiltered.

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